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Dr. Elephant Pill Reminder

Medications can’t help you if you don’t take them. We dedicated our work to protect health and remind a taking pills for those who need it. Dr. Elephant is your personal Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker App!

Simple on the outside,
smart on the inside

Dr. Elephant offers powerful reminder which doesn't forget. It is perfect for those in charge of their own med schedule but needs a reminder for dosages and the correct med to take. Discover Dr. Elephant to manage hourly, daily, or weekly pills.


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Set up reminders

for your pills & meds

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Track your



True powerful guardian

Dr. Elephant
  • Alarm notifications

  • Reminders for all your meds

  • Custom repeat options

  • Simple history overview

Our mission

We believe that your health is a private matter. We are dedicated to creating a world which provides personalized easy-to-use technology that helps people better manage their medications without storing any personal information.


What they say about us


"Several of my medicines can leave me in serious danger either if I forget them or accidentally duplicate them, this app is a godsend."

Li Wei

"Very simple app; does exactly one thing and does it very well. All I do is keep track of the medicines."


“I set up the time, dosage and how long, the app does the rest. I had several apps to choose from and this is the winner for me.”

Dr. Elephant

It is just a click away

Dr. Elephant is completely FREE and Easy-to-use medication reminder that helps you organize your medication list. Enjoy flexible medication history solution to track your pills. Think outside of your pillbox. Download for Free Now!

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